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The Importance of Drinking Water

Posted on April 29 2019

The Importance of Drinking Water

Water is so important in regards to your overall health. Here are just a few reasons you should increase your daily intake:

1. Glowing Skin

2. Higher energy and better mood

3. Boosted immunity

4. Improves digestion

5. Aids in weight loss

You will feel fuller from water and this is one way water helps you lose weight. It will also flush out all the toxins in your body.

Challenge: If you drink 1-3 cups first thing in the morning, you will start your morning out right and it will get you on track to making healthier choices throughout your day!

TIP: Plan out how much you're going to drink each day.

- If you're a sipper, track how many times you need to fill your cup to meet your goal.

- If you're a guzzler, plan out how many cups you need to drink at each meal to meet your goal.

*I use my favorite water cup and I intentionally drink 1 in the morning, 1 (water bottle) while working out, 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner. This meets my 8 cups a day goal.




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